ABC Newsman Bob Clark Saw JFK’s Limousine Come to a Stop on Elm Street, Reported It On ABC TV

by Douglas P. Horne
Author of “Inside the Assassination Records Review Board”

Kellerman Brakes Limo

This is a companion piece to my journal entry about Walter Cronkite’s reporting of the “car stop” written two days ago, on August 20th.

Today Washington attorney and JFK assassination independent researcher, Dan Alcorn, found more compelling evidence on YouTube that the Kennedy limousine did indeed come to a brief stop on Elm Street during the assassination of the 35th President on November 22, 1963.

Dan forwarded me this link to a YouTube segment titled “The JFK Assassination, As It Happened, Part 1”:

The Assassination of JFK – As It Happened

This two hour and two minute segment is ABC TV’s 11/22/63 television coverage from the day of the assassination, literally as it was broadcast.

Over one hour and nineteen minutes into the two-hour YouTube segment (you can easily fast forward to that location using the tool bar after you click on the link), at time 1:19:36, Bob Clark (who is speaking to the nationwide ABC TV audience via a telephone) reports that he was riding in the open press car [a short distance behind LBJ’s vehicle] and that during the assassination, the President’s limousine “came to an immediate stop.”

In my journal entry two days ago I provided a link to live CBS coverage in which Walter Cronkite intoned “…the car stopped momentarily” during the assassination. The difference here is that Cronkite was reporting hearsay provided to him by reporters at the scene who had either interviewed eyewitnesses, or perhaps seen the car stop themselves. Cronkite found the report credible—he had no reason not to—but he was reporting the observations of others.

Bob Clark, in this ABC TV video footage from over 50 years ago, IS REPORTING WHAT HE SAW HIMSELF.

This contemporaneous eyewitness statement of a seasoned reporter—a professional journalist who was trained to report facts and not to embellish events—is additional compelling evidence that the JFK limousine, SS-100X, did indeed come to a brief halt on Elm Street during the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Since there is no car stop shown in the extant version of the Zapruder film, this is additional, powerful evidence that the Zapruder film is an altered, edited film.

Bob Clark corroborates what Cronkite said the same day on television; and Bob Clark corroborates what Roy Truly, Bobby W. Hargis, Bill Newman, Jean Hill, and Hugh Betzner also observed (see my Cronkite blog of two days ago) during the assassination.

Reading the same-day Sheriff’s affidavits of Jean Hill and Hugh Betzner (executed on 11/22/63) has a powerful impact on me—for they both describe seeing a car stop in each of their signed, sworn statements—but hearing a veteran, respected newsman like Bob Clark say the same thing, in a national TV broadcast on 11/22/63, has a different kind of impact, something you feel in your gut.

Douglas P. Horne

Douglas P. Horne

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  1.' Milicent Cranor says:

    BRAVO! And here, for your collection, if you don’t already have it, is a statement from yet another newsman, Jack Bell, A.P. He said the “procession” had “halted.” This doesn’t necessarily mean JFK’s limo itself stopped, but it sounds like it. Also, do you see, on the Z film, Roy Kellerman rise up and wave to the police in front of him to “go on?

    Suddenly the procession, which had halted, shot forward again. In the flash of that instant, a little tableau was enacted… a man was pushing a woman… to the ground… A photographer, scrambling on all fours toward the crest of the rise, held a camera trained in their direction. As my eye swept the buildings to the right… I saw no significant sign of activity… in the President’s Continental limousine, a man in the front seat rose for a moment. He seemed to have a telephone in hand as he waved to a police cruiser ahead to go on. The Presidential car leaped ahead.”

  2. From my book INTO THE NIGHTMARE: MY SEARCH FOR THE KILLERS OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY AND OFFICER J. D. TIPPIT, quoting my interview with former Senator Ralph Yarborough of Texas, who was riding in the motorcade in the car with Vice President Johnson:

    Senator Yarborough, who had “a lifetime of handling arms,” described for me his reactions to the shots fired in Dealey Plaza, giving an eyewitness and earwitness account that matched that of numerous other witnesses but is, like theirs, at odds over some details with what can now be seen in the altered Zapruder film:

    “The first shot I heard I thought was a rifle shot. The second shot, the motorcade almost came to a halt. They said later that the president‘s car slowed to something like five miles an hour. I wondered what the hell they were stopping for when somebody is shooting. People were jumping out of the car in front of me [the Secret Service followup car] and running to the president‘s car. I thought maybe somebody had thrown a bomb in there. The third shot I heard was a rifle shot.”

  3. Mathematical Proof that the Zapruder film was Altered

    The mathematical proof of Zapruder film alteration is based on an article by Vince Palamara: 59 Witnesses: Delay on Elm Street.

    The Math Proof
    Palamara shows that 33 (56%) of 59 eyewitnesses said the JFK presidential limo came to a FULL STOP, 13 said NEAR STOP and 13 had no opinion. The data was copied to the JFKCalc spreadsheet.

    The Zapruder film does NOT show a FULL OR NEAR STOP.

    Palamara’s article clearly indicates that 33 witnesses stated the Limo STOPPED (18), came to a STOP (9), or HALTED MOMENTARILY (6). View the spreadsheet.

    What is the probability that ALL 33 witnesses who said the limo came to a FULL stop were mistaken? Let’s assume that P= 0.56 is the probability that the witness is correct based on the observed descriptive statistics. Then P= 1-.56 = 0.44 is the probability that the witness was mistaken.

    The probability that ALL 33 witnesses would be mistaken is P= 0.44^33 = 0.000000000001714 or 1 in 583,527,967,610. That’s 1 in 583 BILLION!

    Since the Zapruder film does NOT show a FULL STOP, there is a P= 1 in 583 BILLION probability that the film was NOT altered.

    The probability that the Z-film WAS altered = 1 – the probability that it was not.
    P(altered) = 0.999999999998286 = 1- 0.000000000001714

    In other words, if just ONE eyewitness was correct in observing that the limo came to a FULL STOP, it means the Zapruder film WAS altered.

    • Yes and head explosion duration cut explains why two men are looking back left to jail and source of shots at the precise moment they waited for all their lives seeing the president pass by.In addition to, too.

  4.' staffan h westerberg says:

    Both Mary Moorman and Jean Hill have the same length of pants. That is sort of weird – unless of course someone have painted in the bottom of their legs (feet with shoes) simply because they were standing on the street where their shoes (feet) couldnt be seen. To “move” them up on to the grass would require feet….

  5.' william walker says:

    conpiracy theorists rely on the zaprudar film as their foundation. all the effort of altering the film is nonsense.zaprudar was perched in plain site with the moment at hand. were their such an elaborate ”team” of shooters and shadowy figures in place they would simply have found a reason to block his vantage or siezed the camera. . the film exists because no one in the vicinity had concerns about it’s impending consequence.

    • Based on the naiveté of your fictive construct, it is clear that you have yet to study this case in depth. We are approaching the final chapter of a very long book while you are still reading the index. Get back to us after you read the introduction.

    •' Steve Berry says:

      I am shocked….I never thought I would live to to see the day that the majority of Americans would just “not care” about the take over of America and the loss of our freedoms. It started and has been accomplished since John Kennedy was brutally murdered before our very eyes on November 22 1963. The first 3 years after the assassination of our President 75% of America saw that there was something wrong with the conclusions of the other 25% of the people that said Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone and had killed Kennedy with 3 rifle shots from the Texas School Book Depository Building. He was the “lone nut”assassin that was pissed off at the world and decided to take his wrath out on Kennedy that mid-afternoon day in the Daley Plaza area of Dallas,Texas. If the story had stopped there…if we were not finally allowed to witness the murder of Kennedy and decide for ourselves then this unfortunate tragedy would be done and over with in most peoples minds
      but the action of Abraham Zapruder and a few other civilians would not allow this LIE to stand up before the American people. We now know that the final shot that blew 1/3 of John Kennedy’s brain out of a “fist size hole in the back of Kennedy’s skull was from a shot that came from the FRONT of JFK….not the rear. I,once again,ask all of you to watch the Zapruder film of the murder our President and you tell me where the shot came from and where did it land on Kennedy…I first saw this film clip of the assassination of Kennedy in I believe 1975…..That will give you an idea of how long it took for the American people to be given the right to see exactly how their president had been murdered. There are still some people out there who will tell you what happened that day in Dallas…They don’t want you to watch the last shot on Kennedy’s head….they don’t want you to find out the truth about Lee Oswald’s connection to the FBI and the CIA…They don’t want you to be appraised of the work that will reveal the truth to you and everyone…… that will take the time to find the truth before their very eyes. John F. Kennedy ran afoul of the good ole boys who took exception to Kennedy telling them that he would not allow Vietnam to kill 56,000 American men….he would not be party to the few billionaires of crude oils trillions of $$ income to the few who had made it big in oil and gas exploitation….He would not be a party to sending Americas fighting Forces into a “no win” situation that was none of our business to begin with…..and that just would not do as far as they were concerned. Don’t tell me about Vietnam and why we were there unless you were in that God-forsaken place. I was in Chu Lai for nearly 19 months from June of 1966 until Jan. of 1968…. I and thousands of others saw what then President Johnson knew from the beginning that the result of that war is still upon each and every one of us that went….Over 58,000 young Americans were killed in Vietnam….for what??? Nothing…How many others will carry the scars of Vietnam with them for the rest of their lives….and most Americans DO NOT GIVE A SHIT about them or the senseless war that did this to them…..Then President Kennedy saw the future and would not allow us to become involved in the civil war that would claim so many good and decent American lives….This is what we have now to claim for ourselves ruined lives….lost wars (and it is still going on) and wrecked potential of this generation of American’s. John Kennedy was not perfect…..he would never make that claim….but….He kept us from going to a nuclear war with Russia where everyone would die…..He took responsibility for the huge mistake that The Bay of Pigs would become….he knew that unless he moved quickly and decisively that the CIA would become the single most violent and destructive group of men in America…Left alone they would be the single most destructive and deadly group in Americas History…..and the FBI under Hoover would become a threat to every American they had taken an oath to protect…….and every American President since the sorry time of Lyndon Johnson would know that his life depended upon his obedience to protocol and submission…..and the majority of Americans just do not care.

  6. Regardless of millions of women attempting to “manize “JFk whet he was doing on all fronts was good for al humanity and its great advancement in evolution most likely not to be seen again as a very small select group of wealthy few that make a buffet at the gates poor in compare seek to without genius gifted nor empathy care or concerned control and perhaps destroy as they were willing in 1961,1962 till killing Jesus Fortuitous Kindness by JFK in 1963 at a bargain basement deal til and compared by on 911 some forty years later for only 3,000 verses 300,000,00 plus.

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