Black Op Radio Interview – October 31 2013 – Greg Burnham & Len Osanic

Below are two segments of the same interview I (Greg Burnham) did with Len Osanic for his site,

Len and I discuss a multitude of topics:  Fletcher Prouty, NSAM 263 and NSAM 273,  McGeorge Bundy, the Honolulu Conference…Just give it a listen and let me know what you think.


Part 1 of Greg Burnham – Len Osanic Black Op Radio Interview, October 31st, 2013

Part 2 of Greg Burnham – Len Osanic Black Op Radio Interview, October 31st, 2013

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  1. really its the MMIICC Military Medical Industrial Intelligence Congressional Complex

  2. But Greg wasn’t it”the war” really the oil reserves of fellar rocks (Corporate Interests America) and Claire Chennault drug running by poppies in bushes drug trains by way of Laos to Taos, now through Afghanistan too?

  3. I got A’s in US History I would like changed to F’s… and as in the King family trial in 1999 proved Hoovers FIB, MPD CIA and Military were responsible for MLKs death.The Hunt Spotlight magazine trial, and retroactively Helms testimony in the HSCA would have won Garrison his trial as to Shaws perjury as to denial in working for CIA beforehand.

  4. The facts that boxes were moved post assassination and that Joannides filed are still hidden and that he worked with anti Castro operations that Oswald did does not preclude the fact he would have been in the six floor window as I left blinking Blakey unable to answer in Washy DC this year at Commission of Warren commemoration. Yes and its was so easy for people(the forebears of Fox free-dumb masses) to want to believer a lone bowel of collective nuts cover denial as to the alternative thy’d been fearing hiding under desks for years as JJ said and is IN Executive Action .the removal of decoders for preventing accidental nuclear war.Also what about Mdme Diem meeting with Walker in Dallas weeks before after stating in Europe about the same thing that happened to my husband will befall JFK. They keep saying he reluctantly however ordered Diems removal.

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