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Fletcher Prouty

Anatomy of Assassination – L. Fletcher Prouty

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Len Osanic from Black Op Radio for allowing us to share this important talk. Click the blue button to download the PDF document of this talk to your hardrive This subject which I am going to get into I might call the anatomy of assassination or the politics of assassination. Assassination is a big business. In fact, assassination is the business of big business. I’ve written quite a bit on this subject in various magazines and for those of you thatRead More

Skip Rydberg (left)
with Barry Keane
at the
JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas November 2003

For the Sake of Historical Accuracy

This is an updated version of an article which was first published in the November 2002 edition of the Dealey Plaza Echo, the journal of the British research group Dealey Plaza UK. Barry Keane is Vice-Chairman of Dealey Plaza UK and here he examines the work of Harold “Skip” Rydberg, the man described by Commander James J. Humes as “a hospital corpsman, second class, and a medical illustrator in our command at Naval Medical School .” Rydberg was responsible for the schematic drawings of Kennedy’sRead More

Sherman Skolnick

Interview with Sherman Skolnick

I enjoyed a long friendship with the late, Sherman Skolnick. We collaborated on research projects starting back in the late 90′s and continuing until early 2006. These projects included research into the assassination of JFK, as well as the assassination of his son, JFK. Jr. in July of 1999. I provided Sherman with the evidence that lead to his expose` of the role that Charles Kane appeared to play in the hotly contested Presidential Election of 2000 in which George W. Bush may have stolenRead More

Looking at the Tippit Case from a Different Angle

Looking at the Tippit Case from a Different Angle

A Theory by Staffan H Westerberg and Pete Engwall  The killing of Dallas police officer JD Tippit is one of the undying questions in the JFK research community. To think one could solve the murder is perhaps a bit optimistic after all these years. Tippits death has always been surrounded with mystery and disinformation: Did a jealous husband kill him, or was it a random killing that happened by accident? JD Tippit as a narcotics dealer or a getaway driver for Oswald to the RedRead More

John Judge

John Judge at His Finest

John Judge was a friend and a true warrior for the truth. His dedication wasn’t limited to fighting for the release of all files in pursuit of justice for JFK but also extended to seeking to heal a fallen nation. And that dedication was complete. John selflessly gave of his time, energy and resources for many decades in order to promote an environment in which authors, scholars, medical and legal experts, ballistics specialists, military personnel, Special Protection Detail personnel, government insiders, and independent investigators couldRead More