Gerry Patrick Hemming Tapes

Gerry Patrick Hemming: “Weberman did the same thing as the CIA!”

Gerry Patrick Hemming: “Weberman did the same thing as the CIA!”

In this conversation Gerry describes his various relationships with persons to whom he was directed in the hope of raising support (funds) for continued anti-Castro operations. In 1961, Gerry approached Congressman John Rousellot, (R-CA) to garner support. The congressman suggested Gerry visit Robert Morris, who was close to Harold Lafayette Hunt. Morris, in turn, sent Gerry to Lester Loge. Part of this process involved gaining support in small chunks, one influential individual at a time and, like a snowball, it can eventually gain enough momentumRead More

John Martino

Gerry Patrick Hemming Discusses Operation Red Cross

Plus: CIA’s Character Assassination Techniques, Gerald Posner & Gary Mack During the summer months in 2000 Gerry and I began exchanging in-depth research materials that we had separately obtained from various sources through various methods. Some of my files involved the activities of Barry Seal, among others. I always find it suspect when the same names keep cropping up across multiple operations involving seemingly separate agencies. In this case, some of the “players” closest to Seal had very interesting connections to Gerry’s research. Due toRead More

Che Guevara

Gerry Hemming Discusses Che Guevara

T his conversation took place in 2002 . In it Gerry recalls a conversation with Che Guevara from 1960 in which he informs Che how under-supplied his (Gerry’s) team of aviation students was and how necessary reinforcements were. He describes the low security with which he was faced in those days. Gerry Hemming also identifies the location of an airfield that could have been used by the invading force during the Bay of Pigs had the operation been planned properly. I enjoyed a relaxed relationship withRead More

Ted Shackley

Gerry Patrick Hemming on CIA Moles in JM/WAVE

In this interview Gerry Patrick Hemming describes some of the dynamics within the anti-Castro operations conducted out of JM/WAVE. He reports that there was a large contingency of Cubans on the CIA payroll for the purpose of shutting down operations that Shackley did not control and “snitching” on those who participated in any such operations. Such counter-productive infighting caused Angleton to suspect that Shackley and his whole crew may have been moles.  Hemming also identifies the “bag man” for the bribes being paid out toRead More

E Howard Hunt

Gerry Hemming Discusses E. Howard Hunt

This is a conversation between Gerry Patrick Hemming and myself  (Greg Burnham) that took place in early 1999. This clip picks up just after I asked him if he knew E. Howard Hunt. Gerry, in classic form, deftly dismisses Hunt as a “Hollywood type”. He compares Hunt to what is referred to in the paratrooper business as a “Hollywood Jump” [read: no equipment]. The disdain in his voice is palpable. Subjects touched upon include the so-called “old tramp” in Dealey Plaza, Watergate, Sturgis, McCord, etRead More