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Black Op Radio Interview - October 31, 2013

Black Op Radio Interview – October 31 2013 – Greg Burnham & Len Osanic

Below are two segments of the same interview I (Greg Burnham) did with Len Osanic for his site, Len and I discuss a multitude of topics:  Fletcher Prouty, NSAM 263 and NSAM 273,  McGeorge Bundy, the Honolulu Conference…Just give it a listen and let me know what you think.   Part 1 of Greg Burnham – Len Osanic Black Op Radio Interview, October 31st, 2013 Part 2 of Greg Burnham – Len Osanic Black Op Radio Interview, October 31st, 2013 Utilise a n SEORead More

Was JFK’s Vietnam Withdrawal Policy Changed : Was JFK’s Vietnam Withdrawal Policy Changed.

COPA Presentation 2010 Proper analysis of the actions of the President’s Special Assistant for National Security, McGeorge Bundy, plays a key role in answering the question, “Was JFK’s Vietnam withdrawal policy changed?” after his assassination. That the reversal of JFK’s Vietnam withdrawal policy started immediately following the assassination is no longer in doubt. That Bundy drafted a document (NSAM 273), which began that reversal of policy, on November 21st–the day before JFK was assassinated–is suspect.  LBJ signed the final version of the document (NSAM 273) that began to escalateRead More

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COPA 2013 – A Revolution of Mind – Part 2

And it was from that basic necessity for security that the Federal Governmentʼs existence derives and it is through perpetuation of such a need, now termed, National Security, that the Federal Government justifies its continued expansion to this very day. And, by logical extension, the prospect of a sustained peace threatened to challenge that expansion in 1963, much as it does today. While it is true that the federal government has taken on countless additional responsibilities since its inception, it is also true that aRead More


COPA 2013 – A Revolution of Mind – Part 3

Itʼs bigger than questions surrounding the authenticity of the Zapruder film;  and bigger than the failure of the Secret Service to protect their charge that day.  Indeed, thereʼs more security around Dealey Plaza today than there was 50 years ago. But this anniversary is bigger than that, too. Itʼs bigger than H.L. Hunt, Richard Nixon, Clint Murchison and James Jesus Angleton.  Itʼs bigger than Gerald Posner, Bill OʼReilly, Vince Bugliosi, John McAdams, Magda Hassan, David Guyatt, Gary Mack and all the rest of them andRead More



My main objective in writing this article is to dispel, once and for all, the notion that John F. Kennedy broke his promise to provide direct US intervention in the form of air cover for Brigade 2506 at the Bay of Pigs. This imaginary “broken promise” is often erroneously cited as evidence that he is to blame for the mission’s failure. That interpretation of the evidence can be shown to be false on several counts. But first, another topic is raised when we explore theRead More