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Assimilating the Anguish

Assassination of JFK

Assassination of JFK: Assimilating the Anguish Perhaps no event of a tragic nature in human history, modern or otherwise, has ever universally impacted the very core of the human psyche as severely as the assassination of JFK continues to do. So long as we persist in our collective state of denial as to what the assassination of JFK means today the events of November 22, 1963 will punish the human psyche in much the same way as plagues, diseases, and natural disasters punish it. While we are awareRead More

The Day JFK Died

The Day JFK Died – Rare Photos

These rare photos appear courtesy of Cindy Morgan, with credit to Jack Johnson. The images surfaced right about the time of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.  Jack Johnson, the President of National Bank,  was also an avid amateur photographer at the time of JFK’s visit to Dallas in 1963.  The photographs were stored away in a box that was thought not to be anything special until the discovery of these rare images. You get a real glimpse into a day thatRead More

JFK & Jackie in Dallas Motorcade

Rare Footage of JFK’s Final Minutes in the Dallas Motorcade

This is two different pieces of film that I spliced together into one video. The first part of the video is from a film made by George Jefferies, who worked for an insurance company in downtown Dallas at the time of the assassination.   It’s the south side of Main Street just east of Lamar and gives us a great view of President Kennedy and Jackie as they drive  right in front of the camera’s view.   This was approximately 90 seconds before the guns blazed inRead More

Lyndon Johnson & J. Edgar Hoover

LBJ and J Edgar Hoover Discuss JFK Murder – Rare Audio

This is a rare audio recording of a conversation that took place between Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover just days after the assassination in Dallas. Johnson runs his idea of appointing a “Blue Ribbon” Commission to investigate the crime and evaluate the FBI’s report by Hoover.  LBJ then sets out to clear those he wants to appoint to the commission with the Director of the FBI. Yet it is the FBI’s Report that the commission is supposed to analyze and critique! LBJ specifically asksRead More