Lee Harvey Oswald

Hemming’s CIA File vs. Military Records

Hemming’s CIA File vs. Military Records

According to CIA files: In 1957, while Gerry Patrick Hemming served in the Marine Corps, he was assigned to the First Marine Air Wing (MACS-1), stationed in Atsugi Japan. According to Marine Corps records: Lee Harvey Oswald was also stationed in Atsugi during this same time period, arriving 12 September 1957. But Gerry always maintained that he was never stationed in Atsugi, but rather served with the Third Marine Air Wing out of Kāneʻohe Bay, O’ahu, Hawaii in 1957. Below is an excerpt from John Newman’s book, “OswaldRead More

Pete Engwall & Staffan H. Westerberg

The Coke Incident, Fritz’s Notes and the Limo Stop

The Coke Incident, Fritz’s Notes and the Limo Stop by Pete Engwall & Staffan H. Westerberg We look for scenes that never were. Seemingly innocent scenes that have made the research effort to always follow the same path and never venture outside the box. Most of us researchers believe there are lots of traps and pitfalls surrounding the Kennedy assassination, many with the sole purpose of leading us astray. But it is too seldom we manage to identify them. In this article we will lookRead More

Did Lee Harvey Oswald Act Alone?

Did Oswald Act Alone – Still Undecided?

LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover Conspire to Cover-up the Crime of the Century Telephonic Conversation Provides Proof! This is clearly some of the most damning evidence ever captured on tape from the Oval Office. It makes the NIXON Smoking Gun tape look like a game of “Charades” — Here, the President [LBJ] discusses obstructing justice with the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one week after the assassination. You say the Magic Bullet Theory is true?  Non-sense! Just this ONE sentence from Hoover’s mouth,Read More