Warren Commission

Assimilating the Anguish

Assassination of JFK

Assassination of JFK: Assimilating the Anguish Perhaps no event of a tragic nature in human history, modern or otherwise, has ever universally impacted the very core of the human psyche as severely as the assassination of JFK continues to do. So long as we persist in our collective state of denial as to what the assassination of JFK means today the events of November 22, 1963 will punish the human psyche in much the same way as plagues, diseases, and natural disasters punish it. While we are awareRead More

The Warren Commission – A Brilliant Deception

The Warren Commission – A Brilliant Deception

50 years Later, Why the Warren Report Cannot Be Trusted by Staffan H Westerberg & Pete Engwall The Warren Commission produced over 50 000 pages to convince the American people that Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed Kennedy. However, in this entire body of work there are only eight pieces of unchallenged claims that they call evidence, which initially pointed to young Lee’s guilt. After 50 years of research those eight pieces of evidence have been proven false. One by one they all exonerate Oswald. AnyoneRead More