Gerry Patrick Hemming: The Miami Plot

JFK at Miami's Americana Hotel.

JFK at Miami’s Americana Hotel

In this conversation with assassination of JFK researcher Greg Burnham, Gerry Patrick Hemming discusses the details of the Military Intelligence briefing he attended with his team on November 17th in preparation for the President’s visit to Miami the next day. They were asked to provide additional Executive Protection as a supplement to the Secret Service.

Hemming was wary because many of the normal routine procedures were not followed, including, the absence of Secret Service lapel pins (boutonnieres) for his team. More important still was the presence of known CIA operatives in this briefing. These operatives were neither there to conduct the briefing nor were they there to receive instructions from it. Hemming remained very angry by their presence as evidenced in this conversation, which took place in 1998, 35 years after the fact.

Hemming names many persons in this conversation, including several members of his team who were in attendance: Howard Davis, Dick Watley, Bobby Willis, Lynn(sp?) Clark, Allen Kennedy and Ed Collins.

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