Interview with Sherman Skolnick

Sherman Skolnick

Sherman Skolnick

I enjoyed a long friendship with the late, Sherman Skolnick. We collaborated on research projects starting back in the late 90′s and continuing until early 2006. These projects included research into the assassination of JFK, as well as the assassination of his son, JFK. Jr. in July of 1999. I provided Sherman with the evidence that lead to his expose` of the role that Charles Kane appeared to play in the hotly contested Presidential Election of 2000 in which George W. Bush may have stolen the victory. The following YouTube contains a short clip from an interview I recorded for Sherman’s appearance on Black Op Radio. Sherman describes his relationship to judges and retired intelligence operatives, including Secret Service agents; explains why Kennedy was a threat, citing JFK’s having ushered in “the age of the common man” as central to the assassination of JFK; and discusses the origins of the book, Farewell America. Sherman was the chairman of the Citizens Committee to Clean Up the Courts, which he founded in 1963. As a result of his investigations, two Illinois Supreme Court Justices, Roy J. Solfisburg, Jr. and Ray Klingbiel were forced to resign in 1969 for accepting bribes from a defendant in whose case they ruled. The details are contained in the book, llinois Justice, by Kenneth A. Manaster.


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