Rare Footage of JFK’s Final Minutes in the Dallas Motorcade

This is two different pieces of film that I spliced together into one video.

The first part of the video is from a film made by George Jefferies, who worked for an insurance company in downtown Dallas at the time of the assassination.   It’s the south side of Main Street just east of Lamar and gives us a great view of President Kennedy and Jackie as they drive  right in front of the camera’s view.   This was approximately 90 seconds before the guns blazed in Dealey Plaza.

The second segment of film is from Andre Leche, another office worker along the Dallas parade route.  Mr. Leche has just bought a new camera and want to try it out on the filming President Kennedy in the downtown parade.  This brief clip was shot on the north side of Main Street, roughly one minute before the shots in Dealey Plaza.

I also wanted to included a couple of other remarkable YouTube videos I found that chronicle the Kennedy’s brief trip through Dallas (below).   Watching today, fifty years later, it is still moving.

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  1. Going through all these films I wonder what the assassination buffs are looking for. Their is no tangible proof of a conspiracy that their were two or more shooters in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963. It is also time to place a period on JFK foreign policy including the Vietnam issue Everything after November 22, 1963 is a hypothetical guess which is called what if? Historians have to look at the printed record and that end in on November 22, 1963. Peter W Russo

    • Likewise, as I go through so many of the comments made across the internet by those who do not consider themselves to be “assassination buffs”–as I presume is the case with you–I can’t help to wonder why you and they even bother. If the world was known to be flat, why would an individual, such as yourself, even bother with those of us who claim that it is a sphere?

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