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My very good friend, Dave MacIntosh, shot this film last month in Iraq. It is a short documentary by Victor Marx that demonstrates the extreme danger posed–by the group know in the West as ISIS–on the most precious and innocent victims imaginable: small children. These little girls, as young as 5 years old, were taken from their families after their relatives were doused with gasoline and set on fire, repeatedly raped and tortured, only later to then be sold into human trafficking.

The CIA has no business meddling in American Domestic concerns, such as, following instructions on how to discredit critics of the Warren Commission Report. Instead, they–along with members of our most elite Special Ops Teams–need to focus on eradicating from this world any perpetrators belonging to the group known by the name “Daesh” to their Kurdish child victims [aka: ISIS].

As for the rest of us–we should do whatever we can do to support these victims. They need to know that they are not alone and that the world is watching and will not stand idly by as silent witnesses to these atrocities. These victims need shelter, some need counseling, food, recovery, but most of all they need the security of knowing that we will not permit it to continue.

This is not about war. It is not about revenge. It is not about differences in ideology or politics. It is about protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

It is about us. — Greg Burnham


Special Alert Announcement: This is our new short film documentary of our recent trip to Iraq. There are things revealed in this exclusive video, including the truth of ISIS’ evil; making little girls five years old eligible for rape; first- hand accounts. This video must be viewed and shared by thousands to help. If you are impacted, the main way to help is to share this video with your government officials who represent you, TV News Stations, Radio stations, newspapers, Blogs, church groups, civic groups. The other way is to go to our website and make a donation or even become a monthly Mission Partner under “High Risk Missionary Ops.”

Thanks for caring,

Victor Marx

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  1.' david t. krall says:


    My research into the JFK Assassination has led me into some other, very interesting “corridors” of history, some of which I have read, studied, done research, for use as historical “mirrors” “reflections” parallels and insights in order to gain understanding and clarity “before” (events that led up to) and “after” (events from…) 12:30 CST on 11/22/63. Operation Valkyrie (7/20/44) is a perfect “parallel” or mirror/”inverse” as to what transpired on 11/22/63 and within at the same level and “breadth” regarding interrelated sectors on 11/22/63.
    The point here is that ISIS is just the latest “link in a long”
    historical chain of similar events. Operation Ohio, Operation Gladdio & the P-2, Operation Underworld (which is a good template or blueprint for my point here), and its “sister” Ratline program/op, The “war” (U.S. “Jihad”) against Castro’s Cuba and many forms of terror and attempted assassinations and the large and then SECRET Mongoose and JM/Wave ops, which involved the wide scope of recruitment of a proxy army to fight another country, under a cloud, cover and mantra of secrecy and deniability all the while trained, supplied and funded by U.S. intelligence and national security agencies and known by other agencies (e.g.FBI). This funding, training and supplying also involved other near-by countries and/or sectors within them who were deeply sympathetic to the anti-Castro Jihad and closely tied to these U.S. agencies U.S. corporate interests as well ! (sound familiar). There was MAJOR blow-back then too…just ask the Miami Police dept or near-by depts who saw and had to deal with the blow-back and effects of the “recruiting program” by the CIA/Pentagon/US Corp, & Mafia related sectors back in the last 1950’s up to, at least, the last 1970’s !
    Later, it was the same exact thing, with operation Condor (another type of “Jihad”) evolving into and involving a “coalition” of countries with a whacked but very intentional agenda based on terror and subversion. (all this sounding familiar???) …e.g. at least one attempt to either blow up the UN and/or kill Che Guevara with bombs and a bazooka in early 1964, the shooting down of a commercial airliner in 1976 (?) that had on board a National Cuban Olympic Team by fanatical, criminal, TRAINED anti-Castro Cubans. the murder / assassination of Orlando Letelier In Washington, DC in 1976, and
    then came the same thing again with trained/funded death squads in El Salvador and Guatemala and the Contras, of course lets not forget a major “road” of how we got “where” we “are” today? The CIA/Dod and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the later 1970’s, Training, equipping and supplying Islamic zealots (just like the large and then-growing core-group of fanatical Anti-Castroites) to kill, and hate and instil fear A direct, undeniable straight line and link can be drawn from this particular tangent point to ISIS.
    Talk about terror??? CNN needs to study and know recent history !!!
    David T. Krall

  2.' david t. krall says:

    from: david t. krall

    Just to follow-up, in SE Asia as well, the CIA/Dod had killer cadres, militias and proxy armies fighting “with” and trained by US special forces best exemplified by Operation Phoenix, a terror campaign to kill SUSPECTED and confirmed enemy sympathizers, which included the liquidation of woman and children…In Cambodia, the CIA had a large proxy army created to also do it’s bloody dirty work The same goes for Laos.
    In Cambodia, I believe this CIA/Dod cadre/militia was called the Khmer Serei, as mentioned in a rare book in my research library
    “My War With The CIA: The Memoirs Of Norodom Sihanouk”.
    When the Khmer Rouge took over, around 1974/’75, it was not just a twisted radical and extreme Marxist Revolution but a whole sale bloodletting to “settle” old scores with their Khmer Serei rivals who did their own prior blood-letting and terror, especially in the late 1960’s with “expanded support” by U.S. overt expansion and widening of the US military operations in Laos and Cambodia, The Khmer Serei bloodletting had a “field-day” upto and including the CIA/Dod overthrow of Sihanouk and installment of Lon Nol, circa 1970. Our “ISIS” was replaced by “their” “ISIS after a few years, and later even the Chinese and Vietnamese Governments, even communists themselves, were repulsed by the Pol Pot regime….ISIS no doubt is the latest “proxy army”, militia or cadre to do the dirty work and “front action” by CIA/Dod sectors. The CIA worked with and “helped” fund an extremely large “stay behind” “army”, a super sized militia from Nationalist China which had spread over various parts of SE Asia. So big that JFK was, at one time presented a plan to endorse a large Bay of Pigs style operation using this cadre and military forces from Taiwan and “possible” U.S. support, “if needed” to invade China ! (sound familiar?). JFK declined and “null & voided” this operation. ISIS is just like “Mongoose” and SE Asian Militias mentioned here, just with Arab banner and “flavor. The Proxy Army Programs continued ….the one person who would have and could have and was in a position to “pull the plug” on this madness before it grew to, even to what it is today, was shot and removed from power. Ida Amine once said it somewhat succinctly, & I para-phrase, “only the Americans shot their President like a dog in the street”, & that’s the true way these
    traitors, high, mid or low-level, really thought of JFK.
    David T. Krall

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