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The Warren Commission – A Brilliant Deception

The Warren Commission – A Brilliant Deception

50 years Later, Why the Warren Report Cannot Be Trusted by Staffan H Westerberg & Pete Engwall The Warren Commission produced over 50 000 pages to convince the American people that Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed Kennedy. However, in this entire body of work there are only eight pieces of unchallenged claims that they call evidence, which initially pointed to young Lee’s guilt. After 50 years of research those eight pieces of evidence have been proven false. One by one they all exonerate Oswald. AnyoneRead More

Skip Rydberg (left)
with Barry Keane
at the
JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas November 2003

For the Sake of Historical Accuracy

This is an updated version of an article which was first published in the November 2002 edition of the Dealey Plaza Echo, the journal of the British research group Dealey Plaza UK. Barry Keane is Vice-Chairman of Dealey Plaza UK and here he examines the work of Harold “Skip” Rydberg, the man described by Commander James J. Humes as “a hospital corpsman, second class, and a medical illustrator in our command at Naval Medical School .” Rydberg was responsible for the schematic drawings of Kennedy’sRead More