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This is my introduction to If you are a serious researcher, if your goal is truth, you’ve found your way to the right spot and are heartily welcomed.  I hope you make this site a part of your routine and participate in making it a living, breathing thing.  I value your time and perspective on this case.  Please feel free to comment or question anything you see here.  This case is one convoluted mess, but it can be seen and understood if you giveRead More


COPA 2013 – A Revolution of Mind – Part 3

Itʼs bigger than questions surrounding the authenticity of the Zapruder film;  and bigger than the failure of the Secret Service to protect their charge that day.  Indeed, thereʼs more security around Dealey Plaza today than there was 50 years ago. But this anniversary is bigger than that, too. Itʼs bigger than H.L. Hunt, Richard Nixon, Clint Murchison and James Jesus Angleton.  Itʼs bigger than Gerald Posner, Bill OʼReilly, Vince Bugliosi, John McAdams, Magda Hassan, David Guyatt, Gary Mack and all the rest of them andRead More

Did Lee Harvey Oswald Act Alone?

Did Oswald Act Alone – Still Undecided?

LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover Conspire to Cover-up the Crime of the Century Telephonic Conversation Provides Proof! This is clearly some of the most damning evidence ever captured on tape from the Oval Office. It makes the NIXON Smoking Gun tape look like a game of “Charades” — Here, the President [LBJ] discusses obstructing justice with the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one week after the assassination. You say the Magic Bullet Theory is true?  Non-sense! Just this ONE sentence from Hoover’s mouth,Read More