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JFK: A Reformed Cold Warrior

JFK: A Reformed Cold Warrior

First, let me define cold war as a state of political tension and military rivalry between nations that stops short of full-scale war. Second, I’d like to categorize “cold warriors” into two separate groups. I’ll call the first, the Military Group; and the second, the Strategic Group. Both had extremist factions. The Military Group included a subtype I’ll call the Warmongering Group, while the Strategic Group included a subtype I’ll call the Intelligence Group. The Warmongering Group included men such as General Curtis LeMay, whoRead More

Gerry Hemming

Hemming: “Oswald was going to Cuba.”

In this conversation, Gerry Hemming reports that Oswald had not originally intended to return to the United States when he was leaving the Soviet Union with his family.  Rather, he was to travel from Russia to Cuba via Prague. However, someone changed that—perhaps Marina’s uncle—so that he would not go to Cuba. Hemming speculates that Oswald may have witnessed the Soviet missile build-up first hand had he been allowed to go to Cuba. If Oswald had been on an assignment to observe goings-on in Cuba,Read More