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Was Umbrella Man a Shooter?

Was Umbrella Man a Shooter?

Article written and contributed by Karen Clift Umbrella Man (UM) and his role, if any, in the assassination of President Kennedy has been a source of debate among assassination researchers for many years. Some believe he really was the heckler, Steven Witt, who testified before the HSCA. Many others believe him to be a signalman of some sort. Still others contend he was a shooter, using a secret James Bondian weapon to fire a poison dart. The notion that UM was a shooter was putRead More

The Day JFK Died

The Day JFK Died – Rare Photos

These rare photos appear courtesy of Cindy Morgan, with credit to Jack Johnson. The images surfaced right about the time of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.  Jack Johnson, the President of National Bank,  was also an avid amateur photographer at the time of JFK’s visit to Dallas in 1963.  The photographs were stored away in a box that was thought not to be anything special until the discovery of these rare images. You get a real glimpse into a day thatRead More