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Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird

How Democracy was manipulated through the mainstream Media by Staffan H. Westerberg & Pete Engwall In the early 1950’s, CIA launched a propaganda program put together utilizing the expansive media machine within the United States. This program, called Operation Mockingbird, is probably the most important vehicle ever for the power that is behind the CIA to control and manipulate the public.  Mockingbird is perhaps the most devastating Intel project ever inflicted on the American people and democracy in the United States. Today most people haveRead More

John Martino

Gerry Patrick Hemming Discusses Operation Red Cross

Plus: CIA’s Character Assassination Techniques, Gerald Posner & Gary Mack During the summer months in 2000 Gerry and I began exchanging in-depth research materials that we had separately obtained from various sources through various methods. Some of my files involved the activities of Barry Seal, among others. I always find it suspect when the same names keep cropping up across multiple operations involving seemingly separate agencies. In this case, some of the “players” closest to Seal had very interesting connections to Gerry’s research. Due toRead More