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Douglas P. Horne

Altered History: Deceit and Deception in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence

By Douglas P. Horne, author of “Inside the Assassination Records Review Board” *Publisher Note: To read Jacob Hornberger’s introduction to this series of talks: CLICK HERE I am pleased to announce that a project in the making since May of this year—an HD video recording of my Power Point presentation titled “Altered History: Deceit and Deception in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence”—has just been posted online by the Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF) and its President, Jacob Hornberger, a libertarian activist and a loyal supporterRead More

The Warren Commission – A Brilliant Deception

The Warren Commission – A Brilliant Deception

50 years Later, Why the Warren Report Cannot Be Trusted by Staffan H Westerberg & Pete Engwall The Warren Commission produced over 50 000 pages to convince the American people that Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed Kennedy. However, in this entire body of work there are only eight pieces of unchallenged claims that they call evidence, which initially pointed to young Lee’s guilt. After 50 years of research those eight pieces of evidence have been proven false. One by one they all exonerate Oswald. AnyoneRead More

Lyndon Johnson & J. Edgar Hoover

LBJ and J Edgar Hoover Discuss JFK Murder – Rare Audio

This is a rare audio recording of a conversation that took place between Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover just days after the assassination in Dallas. Johnson runs his idea of appointing a “Blue Ribbon” Commission to investigate the crime and evaluate the FBI’s report by Hoover.  LBJ then sets out to clear those he wants to appoint to the commission with the Director of the FBI. Yet it is the FBI’s Report that the commission is supposed to analyze and critique! LBJ specifically asksRead More