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JFK: A Reformed Cold Warrior

JFK: A Reformed Cold Warrior

First, let me define cold war as a state of political tension and military rivalry between nations that stops short of full-scale war. Second, I’d like to categorize “cold warriors” into two separate groups. I’ll call the first, the Military Group; and the second, the Strategic Group. Both had extremist factions. The Military Group included a subtype I’ll call the Warmongering Group, while the Strategic Group included a subtype I’ll call the Intelligence Group. The Warmongering Group included men such as General Curtis LeMay, whoRead More

President Kennedy Addresses Bridgade 2506

Jake Esterline – Oral Interview Regarding the Bay of Pigs

This interview was conducted by CIA historian, Jack B. Pfeiffer.  It took place over a 2-day period in November of 1975 in the Virgin Islands. Jacob “Jake” Esterline was a specialist in guerrilla warfare.  During the Bay of Pigs Operation he was the CIA’s Chief of the Western Hemisphere Branch 7 (WH/4), reporting directly to Richard Bissell. I find Esterline’s account surprisingly candid.  Of particular note is his flat out refusal to place blame on President Kennedy.  Although Pfeiffer has already made up his ownRead More