An Interview with Gerald Lynn Hill

MysteryManIn 2000, I was in pursuit of identifying the suited individual who is pictured crouching on the south side of Elm Street next to Buddy Walthers and a uniformed Dallas Police Department Supervisor (as evidenced by the white cap) at approximately 12:40 pm, just ten minutes after the shots were fired. The man appears to be picking up an object from the grass. The object allegedly was a spent .45 caliber slug.

My late friend, a retired Officer from the Criminal Intelligence Section of the Dallas Police Department, J. Harrison, referred me to another retired Dallas PD Officer: Gerald Hill.  J told me, “Hill probably knows who the guy is. He knows more about this case than almost anyone because he was everywhere that day, but he won’t talk to anybody about it anymore. I’ll tell him to talk to you.” And so he did talk to me.

Gerald Hill found–was virtually in contact with or very near the vicinity of–every piece of potentially incriminating evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald that day with three exceptions: the pristine bullet allegedly found on a stretcher at Parkland hospital that became known as CE 399, aka: the Magic Bullet; bullet fragments found in the presidential limousine; and the so-called backyard photos in which Oswald is seen posing with a rifle, a holstered pistol, and some propaganda pamphlets.

J. Harrison told me that many of the officers from that day believed, even to this day, the official version of events. I had found that very difficult to swallow, but he assured me it was true. I asked why he himself had no such delusions while so many others did? He replied: “I don’t know exactly. It’s like insanity would overcome them if they believed otherwise. For me it’s the opposite.”

I approached Gerald Hill rather gingerly in this conversation. I didn’t want to spook him nor did I want him to be on guard against a “conspiracy theorist” unnecessarily. However, I also wanted some answers. I decided that if I got the opportunity to nail him down on a few inconsistencies I would not hold back. What I found astounding was his ignorance. It was as though he was completely unfamiliar, not only with recent findings, but also with extremely pertinent evidence from that day, which was a matter of either the public record or common knowledge. The existence of the wound to James Tague is one such item.

I was also taken aback when Hill expressed his disdain, not for JFK, but for Lyndon Johnson. He said:


Gerald Hill, speaking of LBJ:

“It’s a dang shame he wasn’t a target…’cause he was an obnoxious, sorry, no good politician.”


Here then is my first contact with former Dallas Police Sergeant, Gerald Lynn Hill. I decided to treat him with deference. I knew I could turn the screws, if needed, at a later date.


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  1. Did Gerald Hill ever comment about the mysterious man who picked up a bullet?


  2. I remember seeing an interview with Roger Craig and he mentioned that Buddy Walters knows a lot more then he’s saying. Probably why he was set up and killed.

    It’s also possible this guy flash some secret service credentials at Buddy and then just picked up and pocketed the bullet. All through Dealey Plaza mysterious agents are grabbing cameras and super 8’s. This was the beginning of phase 2 of the assassination, the coverup.

  3.' Randy Gunter says:

    The man crouching is FBI Agent Robert Barrett. He and DPD Buddy Walthers allegedly found one or more .45 cal bullets in that area.

    • Do you know what time this picture was taken? If this is shortly after the assassination, why would an FBI agent be in the vicinity? They were also not officially on the case and any handling of evidence was illegal on the FBI’s part.

      Roger Craig said that Buddy Walters told him he had found a .45 caliber bullet. But after the November 22 he began to deny that he had found any type of bullet shell.

  4. Greg,

    Your doing a terrific job, on the murder
    Of our 35th president.
    I agree it’s time consuming, tideous
    And difficult, weeding thru things that are
    Either lies, fabrications, etc etc!
    At times I wonder why do I even care?
    Then when I look back, and see it was a different country! And it was a time when
    We Americans believed our government!
    I feel we as researchers owe it to our fallen
    President Kennedy!
    But that trust has been shattered
    If our goverment says its raining, I check
    For myself. As I no longer believe anything they or the mid stream media reports!
    Thanks and may our Lord richly bless you!

    • Many thanks, Jack. I am adding my presentation, given at the Warren Report Conference in Washington DC last September, on the 50th anniversary of the release of that abominable fabrication shortly.

  5. I wish you the best of luck in your research. I tend to think that there were a minimum of two, more likely more, assassins. I have done my share of reading lately, and think we will never be able to pin down who was behind it. Personally, I believe Mr. Oswald was, as he claimed, a patsy.

  6. What do .45 caliber bullets have to do with this scenario, exactly other than that they were allegedly found? Where was their anyone struck by 45s? Please respond.

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