Assassination of JFK

Assassination of JFK: Assimilating the Anguish

Assassination of JFK1

Perhaps no event of a tragic nature in human history, modern or otherwise, has ever universally impacted the very core of the human psyche as severely as the assassination of JFK continues to do. So long as we persist in our collective state of denial as to what the assassination of JFK means today the events of November 22, 1963 will punish the human psyche in much the same way as plagues, diseases, and natural disasters punish it. While we are aware of our tendency to enslavement through the devastation of our physical bodies by disease or by the fear that such devastation provokes within us, still we remain blind to the enslavement of our psyche through less obvious means.

Assassination of JFK

From the time man began to inhabit this planet there has been an assault on our collective sanity. Prior to “civilization” our main torment consisted of battling with the elements of nature (inclement weather, volcanoes, avalanches, earthquakes), finding or building shelter, acquiring sustenance, often involving the killing of animals for protein, farming and, of course, our never ending battle with disease. Less palatable by today’s more “refined” standards, men killed each other, not so much out of anger, but rather to survive in a highly competitive, primitive world.

Or so we have been led to believe.

Assassination of JFK

In reality, humans have killed each other out of malice from the very beginning, even when it was more convenient to work cooperatively. Yet the human race as a whole has always accomplished much more through cooperative endeavors rather than through individual efforts alone. The vast majority of human beings peacefully live and work side by side when they are afforded the opportunity to do so. The small minority, consisting of self-involved, suspicious, greedy, treacherous, but powerful little men with no vision beyond their fiat currency, hated Jack Kennedy. And they hate you, too.

Assassination of JFK

Assassination of JFK

The Kennedy assassination should not be viewed as a surgical strike, but rather as an invasion. It is the attempted purging of everything that is good from that which is everything else. The goal of the conspirators has nothing to do with the murder of the person, John F. Kennedy. It has to do with the battlefield of the mind. All that we’ve built, all that we’ve dreamed, all that we live for and all that JFK died for is in vain if we abdicate critical thinking. The Warren Commission Report is antithetical to critical thinking. It succeeded in leaving more doors open than closed. The result is a gaping wound to a nation that has never healed. We must, therefore, begin the process of Assimilating the Anguish … or perish.



 Assassination of JFK: Assimilating the Anguish — September 27, 2014 — Washington DC

Presentation by Greg Burnham



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  1. As never before nor since has there been a leader to deliver us to the world the purveyors world of war by a false god . As JFK would tell us all to carry on and grieve not fro him nor the Renaissance of evolution we were to have had, but carry on with a true Commission of Warren and betray the lie with Sanders against the war machine for which truth/peace is but too expensive to turn on Elm’s night not in horror.

  2. The Kennedy assassination was the public manifestation of the evil entity that had been lurking in the shadows. It was the coming out party for the devil and his minions among us. JFK’s presidency and policies were the catalyst that forced the bastards to come out into the open, if only visible to the few.
    When Dwight Eisenhower was at the end of his presidency, he delivered the most important speech of his life to the people of this country. Soon thereafter, When JFK won the office, he delivered a very similar speech,……….. no speech he gave before nor after could have held more meaning. Imagine that; consecutive presidents,……… republican and the other a democrat no less, trying to warn us of a common enemy.
    Since then, there are no opposing political parties in this country. There are always issues, but the real issues are our real hidden enemies. When I hear the endless debates raging regarding the left, the right, republicans and democrats, liberal and conservatives, I want to just vomit. The masses are hopelessly stuck in a trance, brainwashed and deceived like children. Does anyone really believe that O’donnell, Mathews, Hannity, O’reilly and Limbaugh are sincere? They’re programmed robots. I’ll bet that Hannity and the others are nuts and bolts and nothing more. No human being could spew the same lies and garbage endlessly without going insane.
    The message that we paid no attention to was,………. that we’re on the verge of losing control of our country, our freedom and our lives. That was 55 years ago, and what steps have we taken to address that issue? The adults at that time assumed the speeches given were the same old obligatory nonsense,…….but that was a tragic mistake, the consequences of which are too filthy and inhumane to think about.
    I make that statement with this exception;…we better understand what we’re faced with very soon so that we can cling to the 1% chance we have left to overcome this wickedness. If Ike and JFK were worried 55 years ago, and this evil entity has progressed unchecked since then,……….you do the math……….
    For what its worth, enough of us better wake the hell up, and I mean right now. There can be no more divisions between us,………it’s us against the devil and there is no other side to choose from. We have to stop being black, white, brown, yellow and red. No more Christian, Moslem, Hindu nor Jew. Stop all the gay/straight, rich/poor, north/south and any other kind of divide that has been forced down our throats.
    The bastards we oppose have told us to hate each other, and just like fools we play right along. It’s easy to hate, be greedy, be selfish, be jealous, show disrespect, cheat, lie and steal. There’s no reward in it, but we seem to like it anyway. The entire promiscuity sickness, pornography and lust were dangled in front of us and we took the bait. It’s a game being played and we’re the suckers. The evil group in control doesn’t partake in these sins. They want us to break down, deteriorate and rot. They plan to flourish and dominate, then enslave and murder us. We can only survive by uniting as one or we will fall hard. That’s our only option; stop hating and learn to love and appreciate. I’m quite sure God didn’t create some fantastic white people and some inferior brown people. God hasn’t prepared a place for Christians but plans to send all others to hell. If you agree then let’s act like it and stop being fools. Become color blind, show respect, forgive, pray for peace and love and receive the same.
    We must abandon the political leaders that lust for war and the death of innocence. If a politician votes for war, we have to kick him out. Let the politicians war with the evil masters they sold their filthy souls to. Don’t send your beautiful children to kill and do the devils work. All of you young men and women,………..refuse to go into another country to bomb and kill their innocent children and their sick and elderly. Prepare to be brave to protect our shores, let all other countries be what they choose to be. Nobody can come here and do us harm if we stand strong. Nobody will desire to come here to do us harm if we stop bombing and killing them. The government has sold themselves and lied to us, we can’t trust nor depend on the current people in power. The officials want us to believe that Muslims hate us because we’re free. It’s an asinine statement and an outright lie. They don’t attack any other free country, they only attack in revenge for our aggression. I fear no Muslim in this world. I am however,……. suspicious and fearful of the way my government is acting.
    We’re suppose to stand for peace and righteousness,……what’s happened to us? Stand up and tell your congressman to kiss your ass. We want no more wars and we demand they listen to us or we remove them from office.
    John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther king,…….You gave yourselves for us. We haven’t forgotten you and we long to see you again,…….with Jesus and God the Father in heaven.

    • Jesus Forgiving Kindness his killers dont believe in religiously nor Martins or Bobbys the final turning point of humanity’s doom finally 1122-911=91122 all us artists world savors fear small and big powerful truth tellers alike

    • Not sure on the whole white bearded western godog man thing but i feel lover ans express love to and from animals and insects ans unmet people who are not teh least bit strange as those one throughout thought they knew at capitalist Christianity insanity hannity false prophets fro real profits, he saved us from unclearnuclear war 6 times yes and one Russian sub commander and Khrushchev /Castro the only good KKK Kennedy’s King Khrushchev

  3. well the SS speech got the guns trained on him and the American U speech was aired by Khrushchev a s well but blocked here by ciamilitary Hoover FIB LBJ oily handlers

  4. Mark I like what you say an of course it makes sense but I think capitalism ans Christianity cannibalistic self incarnation of reasons ass-ass-i-nation use each other as crutches in the wobbly visibly distorted lie torn stormy false story painted by and for them..

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