Gerry Patrick Hemming: “Weberman did the same thing as the CIA!”

In this conversation Gerry describes his various relationships with persons to whom he was directed in the hope of raising support (funds) for continued anti-Castro operations.

In 1961, Gerry approached Congressman John Rousellot, (R-CA) to garner support. The congressman suggested Gerry visit Robert Morris, who was close to Harold Lafayette Hunt. Morris, in turn, sent Gerry to Lester Loge. Part of this process involved gaining support in small chunks, one influential individual at a time and, like a snowball, it can eventually gain enough momentum to sustain itself.

Gerry reveals some of the names associated with QJ/Win, WI/Rogue, and various other operations. He recalls the days when anti-Castro Cubans were reporting back to him on the whereabouts of CIA agent, Charles Kane, and the goings-on at Elliot Key and Jewfish Creek while the Cubans were training for more anti-Castro operations with Brad Ayers.

Gerry also dismisses AJ Weberman’s reportage and methods in a very caustic, but sarcastically humorous, manner. My laughter at his slur toward Weberman was spontaneous as I found the “nothing but a book reader” characterization of AJ apropos. However, my reaction should not be construed as condoning bigotry in any form. Truth be told, it was feigned by Hemming, as well. He wasn’t a bigot. It was merely a part of his bravado.

[WARNING: Strong language]

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  1. I had a layover in Dallas last week and I walked down to Dealey Plaza. Only then did it come to me that I had been there before. It must have been in 1990. My own study of the JFK assassination coincided with some problems in my life at the time. I met Gerry Hemming when he was with Roy Hargraves. Professor Robert Cutler and Larry Howard, who had been an architect, and their friend Gary met with them at the Hilton in Wilmington, NC in December of that year. I got to sit in. I said something and Gerry said “Larry!” and Larry said “Gary!” and Gary said “Gerry!” or something like that. It was funny. I guess I really didn’t belong there but they included me even if I was crazy. I had a picture of Larry with Gary Oldman and some books by Cutler but they have since been stolen. I was in a junk store and bought an old newspaper “The National Tattler” and it had a picture of Gerry Hemming in it. Gerry was certainly tall enough to have stood behind the fence. It seems logical to me that the shooter have been dressed as a policeman and only a policeman and have in his possession a rifle and not run from the crowd but towards it. I think it is quite possible that he was even in some of the films. I bought one from the young lady there in the pink suit like Jackie Kennedy wore. I think Groden put several of them on dvd starting with the Zapruder tape. I noticed a couple of policemen and at least one of them was carrying a rifle and thought it is possible that could be the shooter hiding in plain sight. Can anyone identify him?

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