JFK Autopsy X-rays Proved Fraudulent

David Mantik

David Mantik

At this year’s JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas, the work of Dr. David Mantik and Dr. Michael Chesser was presented. The conclusion: JFK autopsy X-rays proved fraudulent by comparing his pre-mortem skull X-ray (optical densitometry data measured and collected by Dr. Michael Chesser at the JFK Library in Boston) to his post-mortem skull X-ray (optical densitometry data measured and collected by Dr. David W. Mantik at the National Archives). In addition to performing optical densitometry measurements on JFK’s pre-mortem X-rays at the JFK Library, Dr. Chesser also performed optical densitometry measurements on JFK’s post-mortem X-rays at the National Archives, which confirmed the accuracy of Dr. Mantik’s original optical densitometry measurements and conclusions.


JFK Autopsy X-rays Proved Fraudulent

There are several possible reasons why such a disturbing finding was not discovered sooner. Some would argue that the reason is rather innocuous and simply due to lack of effort. Others would argue that failing to use optical densitometry was a deliberate act of omission. And still others would argue that even if these tests had been performed and these wild discrepancies had been discovered, they would have remained hidden from the public, as the Naval medical personnel at Bethesda, including the radiologists, were subjected to a gag order. In any event, there is another explanation that best conforms to Occam’s Razor and is probably at the root of the failure, namely: Radiologists are not physicists and they don’t think like physicists. If the original radiologists (and/or those consulting for the Clark Panel and the HSCA) had been disciplined in both fields of science (radiology and physics), such as is the case with David Mantik, MD, Ph.D., then perhaps we would have known about this many decades ago. Still I wonder, “When will the silence of the historians be broken?”

JFK Autopsy X-rays Proved Fraudulent

“The data are wildly paradoxical–and again confirm the presence of the nonsensical White Patch on both JFK post-mortem (left and right lateral) skull X-rays.” — David W. Mantik, MD, Ph.D.

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JFK Autopsy X-rays Proved Fraudulent


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Topic: JFK Autopsy X-rays Proved Fraudulent

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  1. Hi Greg,

    Very nice work you and Dr. Mantik
    Have done, this case needs to be kept
    Open! I went to Dallas last summer, visited
    The crime scene, and the official story the
    Government has pushed all these years
    Just doesn’t fit!
    I will say that anyone who is curious should
    Visit Dealy plaza, with an open mind, and
    Analyze the events themself.
    What I took from the school book
    Building, if an shooter was in the school book building why would that person wait till after the presidents car passed the building
    To start shooting? A shooter has a best
    Case scenario to shoot at a car coming right at them, then one going away on a sharp curve!
    The more I study the case the more I feel
    There were at least 3 shooters.
    I also feel that secret service agent George
    Hickey accidentally delivered one of the head shots to JFK.
    Also the bullets don’t add up, why would Oswald? Use only one exploding bullet
    As if you study the shots, jfk was hit in back
    And the neck, but the bullet that hit his head
    I also say to the followers to please study
    The witnesses and the depositions they
    Signed the day 11/22/63
    Many say the hickey had a rifle in his hands
    Prior to the last shot,
    Others say they smelled gun powder on the street, how can this be if a shooter is in a building?
    Others witnesses say the limo either came to a stop or slowed down?
    Another witness says that pres Kennedy
    And wife were playing with a white dog in the car, just prior to the head shot,
    I just found an old video as president and mrs Kennedy were first sitting in the limo
    Prior to departing for the motorcade,
    Someone in the crowd threw a stuffed white dog from the crowd into the car,
    a secret service agent grabbed the persons hands, turned them over. both the president and Jackie looked at the stuffed dog, and
    Placed it between them, the president actually shakes the guys hand.
    I find it very interesting
    That either jean hill or Mary mooreman
    Could have seen that dog, unless the car did in fact stop right in front of them?
    That is what they said that same day,
    To the sheriffs dept, also you can see in
    Photos that an unknown man is talking to Mormon asking for her undeveloped film
    As she stated within moments of the shooting!

    Merry Christmas
    Keep up the good fight

    Jack from NJ

    • Thanks Jack! However, the credit should go to David exclusively. All I did was consult and publish. Thanks for your comments.

      Some of the issues you raise have been resolved, but many have not. However, I don’t find the alleged “Hickey accidental shooting” very credible. Such an accident would have been even less likely than Oswald’s alleged feat–and we know he could not have done it either. I think the stuffed animal to which you refer wasn’t a dog, but “Lamb Chop” — a hand-puppet toy modeled from a children’s TV show in the early 1960’s that featured this little hand-puppet named “Lamb Chop” and a ventriloquist. I agree that the hand-puppet is what Moorman or Hill reported having seen even though they didn’t know exactly what it was at the time.

      • Hi Greg,

        You should take some credit also,
        As a long time observer, of this case etc!
        I also have been looking at this case for over thirty years, and have found some
        Old footage of the day Oswald was arrested
        He passed by Billy loveladys, the person that the FBI and others said was in the famous altgens photo, where the secret service agents are turned towards the book
        Depository. In the old photo, Oswald is wearing the same brown shirt with the open
        Neckline, as the man in the photo is wearing, standing at the steps of the book
        Depositor. Loveladys is wearing a multi colored shirt, and is at least 30 lbs heavier
        Then Oswald, and the man in the photo. If any one wants to see, check out
        Youtube, search out, did Oswald get picked up?
        I’m surprised, this video exists!
        There is also some great info from, Roger
        Craig, he was a former sheriffs deputy on the Scene of the assassination and he says
        That the found 3 spent rifle shells were side by side By side, anyone who has fired any rifle knows that’s impossible, the shells
        Were moved. Craig also states The rifle that was found was a German Mauser!
        In fact a dallas police officer named Seymour Weitzmen, who identified the rifle also owned a gun store, he said it was a Mauser! I watch the old black n white films
        Frame by frame, looking for things, that may
        Be hidden in plain sight!
        Hopefully one day this case can be closed,
        But the powers that be, are really holding
        Fast to the official line!
        Keep up the good work Greg, and all the others, who, me included wont rest until the whole story in known! As Jim Garrison said
        We owe it to our fallen President!


        • Thanks for the kind words, Jack. As for the similarities in the shirts and the possibility that it is Oswald in the doorway: The evidence is insufficient, in my view, to confirm or refute his presence there. Perhaps he is there, but I am not yet persuaded due to lack of clearly unambiguous evidence.

  2. tfo2000@yahoo.com' Paul Oryshak says:

    Hi Greg
    I don’t mean to be argumentative, but Dr. Randy Robertson is claiming on JFK Facts website (as provided by MacAdams!!!!) that the autopsy photos and xrays he viewed at NARA are genuine. I would like to know how Drs. Mantik and Chesser would respond to this. I know that Robertson and Mantik have disagreed over the years about the medical evidence.

    Thanks in advance and keep up the great work

    • Hi Paul,

      I think it is key to remember that there is a big difference between the approach of a radiologist (Robertson) vs. the approach of a radiation oncologist who also holds a PhD in Physics (Mantik)! Where the value of taking optical densitometry measurements in a case such as this would almost never even occur to a radiologist, as it’s simply not the way they were taught to think, but, for a Physicist, it’s SOP. Moreover, that there is no evidence of scraping of emulsion from the actual surface of the extant x-rays (at NARA) in the shape of a “T” directly below the jaw, yet such scraping is clearly visible–indicates that they are not originals, but copies. Where the originals would bear physical evidence (roughness) of the emulsion having been scraped off–rather than optical evidence alone–a copy would not.

      Perhaps one or both of them (Mantik and/or Chesser) will reply to your inquiry, as well. (Thanks for the kind words!)

  3. michaelchesser@att.net' Michael Chesser says:

    I’ve reviewed Dr. Robertson’s recent report, and we also talked by phone this last week. I’m relatively new to this discussion, but as I understand it, Dr. Robertson thinks that there were two shots to the cranium, with an entry in the right lower occipital region, fired from the DalTex building, and another entry in the right temporal region, fired from the knoll area. He has been consistent in his belief that there was no alteration of the autopsy x-rays or photos.
    His recent report was of three photographs recovered from a role of exposed film. All of them were taken with the President supine on the autopsy table. One photo shows the left side of the head, and he states that it is very similar to the left lateral Fox image. The right lateral head photo was taken from a different angle compared to the Fox image. He also reports that the top of the head photo was blurred and there was a streak of some type of artifact over a portion of the image. None of these photographs showed the rear of the head, where multiple Parkland and Bethesda physicians, nurses, and corpsmen reported a large defect of the scalp and skull. Dr. Robertson believes that these witnesses were mistaken in their localization to the right rear of the skull.
    There are multiple reasons which cause me to believe that there was a large exit wound in the occipital region. I won’t repeat all of these here, but will list some of the important reasons. First, I was able to see the left lambdoid suture very well on the original AP x-ray, except that it disappeared 2 to 3 cm to the left of the midline, indicating that there was missing bone in this region, including missing bone from the mid portion and left side of the occipital bone. I couldn’t see the right lambdoid suture at all, however Dr. Mantik noted that he could see part of the right lambdoid suture, but he also could not see it near the midline, indicating absence of skull bone in the right occipital region. I also saw lucency of the region inferior to this missing suture line.
    My interpretation of the scalp retraction photo (mystery photo) is much different than Dr. Robertson’s interpretation. I clearly saw the right eyelashes on the color photo at the archives, in addition to other observations which I detailed in this presentation. This landmark, as well as others, helped me to orient the photo and I strongly believe that it shows a very large defect of the skull extending into the occipital bone.
    I didn’t go into detail in my report to state how I think the photos could have been altered, and this is an area which I haven’t studied much, and I don’t claim any expertise in this area. The explanation which seems most likely to me, is that the scalp, which was mobile, was stretched and draped over the area of missing scalp and skull, and then the photos would have required minimal alteration.

    I’m just now reading Vince Palamara’s JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda. I strongly recommend it, to get a better overall picture of what the eye witnesses saw and reported.

    At the risk of being redundant, and I’m going to keep repeating it until I’m blue in the face – we need these images to be viewed by many more people.

    • Great summary, Mike. Can you provide the contact information for our readers who may want to urge the National Archives to make the best possible copies available for scrutiny?

  4. tfo2000@yahoo.com' Paul Oryshak says:

    Thanks Dr. Chesser for your reply.
    As a layman, I find the medical and autopsy evidence the most daunting within the story of the assassination. There are numerous issues about this evidence – we laymen rely on experts in the field – that have resulted in numerous interpretations used by defenders and critics of the Warren Commission. These interpretations leave your head spinning about who is “right.” I think that you are quite right – the more people that see the materials, the better it is for arriving at the truth.
    Thanks again and looking forward to any future articles on the subject.
    Paul Oryshak

  5. michaelchesser@att.net' Michael Chesser says:

    The address is :
    National Archives at College Park
    8601 Adelphi Road
    College Park, Maryland 20740-6001
    Attn: Martha Murphy, Special Access Staff

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