LBJ and J Edgar Hoover Discuss JFK Murder – Rare Audio

This is a rare audio recording of a conversation that took place between Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover just days after the assassination in Dallas.

Johnson runs his idea of appointing a “Blue Ribbon” Commission to investigate the crime and evaluate the FBI’s report by Hoover.  LBJ then sets out to clear those he wants to appoint to the commission with the Director of the FBI. Yet it is the FBI’s Report that the commission is supposed to analyze and critique! LBJ specifically asks Hoover if he thought that “Dulles” and “McCloy” would be good choices.   Hoover thinks Dulles is “a good man,” but he’s not quite as sold on McCloy.   Yeah.  Right.

As Donald Gibson has shown and told us, the Warren Commission should have been rightly titled the “Dulles and McCloy Commission.”  These two men were from the American “Establishment.”  More prominent insiders of the American corporate system could not have been picked.

To control fallout from the crime, a cover story had to be contrived.  Thus control of the investigation needed to be complete.  With Dulles and McCloy doing all the ramrodding, the investigation into what happened to President Kennedy in Dallas could be contained.  The plotters had the investigating body within their grip.

Keep in mind there were and are two different and separate parts that are built around the assassination of JFK:

  • The crime itself, which includes all the events that happened in Dallas and more specifically in Dealey Plaza.
  • The cover-up, which gets into the investigation of the assassination and the subsequent coverage of the crime by the media.

President Kennedy never had a chance.

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  1. Some of the remarks from J. Edgar Hoover are clearly erroneous and have no basis in fact.

  2.' Billyjo Roe says:

    I have long believed Hoover likely considered Oswald a prime suspect in the attempt on Walker and manipulated a JFK visit to Dallas in order to keep his most powerful position as director of FBI. There was no quarantee JFK would succomb to blackmail and Hoover had vulnerable secrets of his own if it came to a showdown. Oswalds profile would make him a likely potential assassin. Hoover may have been aware of other efforts as well (mafia,cubans?) hoping one would be successful. I do not believe LBJ would have put himself in danger and was likely unaware. The recordings suggest this too.

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