Walter Cronkite Mentioned the JFK Limo Stopping on Elm Street 22 Minutes After the Assassination

by Douglas P. Horne
Author of “Inside the Assassination Records Review Board”

Today I received a link to a YouTube segment that features CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite’s TV audio from approximately 22 minutes after JFK’s assassination on Elm Street in Dallas, in which Cronkite says the President’s limousine stopped briefly during the shooting.

The person who sent me the link was Washington attorney and activist Dan Alcorn, who has a long and distinguished record of research into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I can well remember listening to Dan Alcorn speak passionately and eloquently about the assassination at the ARRB’s first public hearing in Washington, D.C., in October of 1994.

As Dan just pointed out to me, the YouTube segment claims to be synchronized with real time events in Dallas—thus, about 22 minutes into the video/audio segment (you can fast forward to the 21 minute point just as I did) would equate to about 12:52 PM CT in Dallas.

JFK Limo StopCronkite mentions the car stop of Kennedy’s limousine during the shooting. Which of course, we do not see in the extant version of the Zapruder film.

There was no hesitation in him reporting this eyewitness information from Dealey Plaza, since there was not yet any official version of events!

This is strongly corroborative of the hypothesis that a brief but definite car stop was removed from the Zapruder film when it was altered the weekend of the assassination at Kodak’s “Hawkeyeworks” R&D lab, in Rochester, New York.

Here is the link: Walter Cronkite Describes Limo Stop 22 Minutes After the Assassination of JFK

This Walter Cronkite statement (clearly obtained from eyewitnesses in Dealey Plaza and passed along to him by a third party) should be evaluated in the following context:

(1) Jean Hill (who stood to the immediate left of the limousine with her friend Mary Moorman during the assassination), in her Sheriff’s Dept. Affidavit of 11/22/63, stated that the limousine stopped for an instant;
(2) Hugh Betzner (standing behind the limousine during the assassination), in his Sheriff’s Dept. Affidavit of 11/22/63, mentioned twice in his affidavit that the limousine stopped during the assassination;
(3) Roy Truly, Oswald’s boss at the TSBD, later stated that the limousine swerved to the left and stopped during the assassination;
(4) DPD officer Bobby W. Hargis—riding escort to the immediate left rear of the limousine—in an interview never published by a local newspaper, but whose text was later found and written about by Richard Trask in his book Pictures of the Pain, stated that the limousine stopped during the assassination; and
(5) In numerous interviews over many years, Bill Newman (standing to the immediate right of the limousine during the assassination with his wife and two children) has repeatedly and consistently recalled that there was a very brief, but definite car stop by the limousine during the assassination.

The existing version of the Zapruder film in the National Archives, the “extant film,” does not show a car stop. This is contradicted by the above witnesses, who were all very close to the limousine (and were directly looking at it), AND the Walter Cronkite statement on TV twenty two minutes after the assassination. This should profoundly trouble any objective, thinking citizen who does not have a closed mind about the assassination.

When one considers that Dino Brugioni, Chief Information Officer at the CIA’s NPIC, viewed the true camera original film on Saturday evening, 11/23/63, and saw a much larger and very different head explosion in the Zapruder film than we see today in the “extant film,” it seems quite clear that the Zapruder film has been altered. And this constitutes very strong evidence of a U.S. government coverup of the JFK assassination. If you wish to see significant excerpts of my 2011 video interview of Dino Brugioni, see Shane O’Sullivan’s 85 minute extra feature “The Zapruder Film Mystery” on the new, second edition of his documentary “Killing Oswald,” now for sale on DVD at, for only $14.98.

THANK YOU, Dan Alcorn, for sharing this information. The interpretation of its significance is mine. END

Douglas P. Horne

Douglas P. Horne

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  2.' Kathleen Collins says:

    The limo stop didn’t need to be longer than a few seconds. Greer brought the car to the left and stopped. Kennedy was immediately shot twice from the front right. Then, seeing that, Greer took off. Very suspicious.

    Kathy C

  3.' Martin White says:

    “this video is not available.” How about that….CBS is worried about rights on 50 year old coverage?

    First of all, I do believe that the Zapruder film has been edited. However, I have heard another clip of Cronkite describing the scene immediately afterwards. In addition to the limo stop he also says that the SS agents “fanned out into the crowd” which we don’t see either. Now I don’t think that actually happened. I am not aware of any other description of the SS going into the crowd. I suspect that this was drawn together from accounts of SS personnel (fake) in the area afterwards.

    The limo stop, on the other hand, has many other witnesses, and so I DO believe that this had been removed from the film.

    I would have loved to have asked Bruno if the limo was more central in the frame of the film he saw, or was it nearly off the bottom of the frame as in the extant film?

    • Yeah, interesting Copyright claim, no? After all, my website and YouTube Channel are entirely for educational purposes and therefore the film should fall under a “Fair Use” exemption.

  4.' DERRICK WILSON says:


  5.' Gerald Goldberg says:



    Everyone needs to buy WILFUL BLINDNESS by Margaret Heffernan.
    Very few people are willing to step outside the box and question their beliefs!
    Those beliefs can be anything from RELIGION to POLITICS etc.
    When our beliefs are questioned, we go into an automatic defense mode and block out what the other person is saying.


    Hollywood and the Media has brain-washed Americans for over 90 years.

  6. “Evidence of Revision” – the original untampered version – contains this and so many more gems, in the first two episodes as well as the “rarities” release. It’s just staggering to watch or listen to this documentary, which in the first two chapters is basically just unexpurgated footage and audio from the murder of JFK as it happened…

    “A German Mauser…”
    A Mauser, found on the fifth floor landing…”

    etc. etc.

  7.' DERRICK WILSON says:


  8. Mr Horne, I love reading your findings and have reading everything I can find about the assassination! One thing I noticed but haven’t seen anyone point out is in the nix film you can see Clint hill get on the limo and cover Jackie on the car. And he remains there. On the zapruder film he never touches her!

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